Everything You Need To Know About Pokie RTP

Many players have dismissed many pokies simply because they thought the bonuses are not inspiring enough and the graphics are not high-quality. However, all gamblers need to know that it is not about the rewards and artworks. Actually, it is about getting a return, which is where the return to player average, known as pokie RTP, comes in.

What Is The Return To Player?

Return to Player (RTP) is a figure that reveals how much of a return players can expect from any pokie machine. It works the same way as a casino advantage (house edge). This feature tells its users how much of an advantage the online casino has over them. Still, the house edge takes a base rate of 0%, so anything above 0 is the house advantage. On the other hand, if the RTP has a base rate of 100%, and anything above 100 is the players' advantage. However, there are no pokies with a return to player of 100% because the casino always wins.

How To Calculate The Pokie RTP


Players can find the RTP of a pokie machine on the developer's website or the online casino's official website. The easiest way of understanding this number is to see it as a dollar sum. The sum is the profit, so players can expect what they would get in return.

So, for instance, a pokie RTP of 84% means that players can expect a return of AU$84 for every AU$100 they bet on that pokie. That it is an average sum, and the chances for gamblers to get that exact return are low. They might either win big or get less in return.

The Software Developer With The Highest Pokie RTPs

Successful developers believe in creating ideal no deposit slots that suggest decent RTPs.These dominant developers will create online pokies whose RTP is at least 90%. Some of them start a little higher, but in this case, they might have a maximum limit that is much lower than others.

Microgaming is one of the most successful software developers that offer some of the best RTPs. Remember that they are the most popular developers for pokie machine fans. Many people do not know that they were the first to present bonus pokies and progressive pokies on the market. They also design more pokie games than anyone else. The number of games they release per month is higher than most of the other game creators release per year.

They always try their modern title to offer lower RTPs than their older games. But if players use both new releases and the ones released in the past few years, they will be fine.

The Pokies With The Highest RTP


Many online pokie games lovers feel surprised when they discover which games offer the highest pokie RTPs. They are astonished as many of these titles are not very popular:

Big Kahuna offers 96.16%. It is an entertaining game with a bonus feature based on the widespread board game snakes and ladder. Big Kahuna is a perky, loud, and delighted game. Its vast payout will probably make it one of everyone's preferred Microgaming pokie in the future.

Scrooge offers 96.74%. They designed this game according to the well-known Charles Dickens character. It is hard to find this Christmas-themed pokie, as it is not available on all Microgaming casinos. However, enthusiastic players can find it on the bigger ones.

Thunderstruck II offers 96.65%. This game is better than the original Thunderstruck game, as it has beautiful scenery with a payout that guarantees an inspiring return.

Hot Ink offers 97.50%. This less-known pokie has over 1,000 pay lines. Still, it is not one of the most famous pokie games on the Microgaming software. It does not attract equal attention as other pokies do, even though it offers high pokie RTP.

The pokie RTP differences between the above-mentioned slots and other popular names are tiny, though. The difference is not something customers can notice while they play in the beginning. But if they play for an extended period, they will see that these tiny differences may help them win a big jackpot.

All gamblers should also know that progressive pokies on the Microgaming software always offer lower RTPs. The reason for this is that a small portion of each bet goes into the jackpot pool. Games such as Major Millions, Cash Splash, and Mega Moolah offer great fun and exceptional rewards. However, these games are not the best alternative if a player wants to get regular returns.


Searching for the finest games with the highest pokie RTP is the best way to ensure better entertainment for players. By playing games with higher RTP, casino lovers have higher chances of winning more often. So, all passionate gamblers need to find the most suitable pokies with high RTP and enjoy your game.

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