What Makes High Volatile Pokies So Popular?

One of the most common words related to slots is the word volatility. This word is one of the most confusing terms for describing a specific game, so have you ever wondered what exactly means 'high volatile pokies'? High volatile pokies mean that the particular slot plays out tremendous prizes, but not very often. So, these types of games will reward only the patient players, since even though winning lines may need some extra time to show up, once they show up, the player may be in line for a massive pay-out.

On the contrary, low volatility slots offer more regular winning lines, but their rewards are less valuable. Many players get irritated while playing high volatility games as they do not see those winning lines quite enough, but if they keep playing with it, the prizes can be more valuable once they do show up. Players should also know that high volatility matches high risk, as they could see their balance decrease to nothing while they are waiting for their big win. So players can easily blow their whole bankroll before they say: 'What has just happened with my balance?'

How To Check The Volatility Of A Pokie Before You Play


The best way to check whether a slot is mainly volatile is to visit the Paytable and check how much is being paid out for winning lines. For instance, a game like Starburst is a low volatility slot since the maximum payout for 5 identical symbols in regular game-play is 250 times your first bet.

At the moment, high volatile pokies are popular. You can find a collection of these popular games listed in the many online casinos' immensely popular lists. You need to know that some of the best and most entertaining high volatile pokies are classics that many players often play, but there are some new releases as well.

However, if you are lucky enough, you might hit one of the super huge Super Mega wins of 9,000 to 13,000 times your bet, even though it is rare. Some casinos restrict these games from being used together with a no deposit bonus, because of the high charge and loss they can face. Keep in mind that you should never pay more money than you can afford to lose. Remember that you must be older than 18 to play casino games online.

Top 3 Best Highly Volatile Casino Slots

Twin Spin

Twin Spin by NetEnt comes with an attractive minor feature where 2 of the reels are alike and spin together, and can multiply from twins to triplets, and even quintuplets. The largest winning line in regular play pays out 1,000 times your line bet.

The secret to success in this game masks under the twin reels feature. Some players have earned the maximum payouts by getting a full screen of card value symbols, so do not undervalue the worth of these.

Book Of Ra


Book of Ra is the most famous name from Novomatic and is a typical example of a highly volatile game. All slots fans are familiar with this popular game.

There is no need to waste time describing this game, except to remind you that it is one of the most played games in the world. But why? Detect 5 archeologists during free spins and can win 5,000 times your stake!

Dead Or Alive

Dead or alive is one more offering from NetEnt, but this time based on the Wild West theme. The maximum payout for 5 equal symbols in regular play is 2,500 times your line bet, but you can win 5-figure sums as well.

This game has an impressive bonus round where you can get the maximum wins if you can successfully form a line of equal wild symbols. The payouts range between 2,500x and 10,000x your first bet.


There are many high volatile pokies, and the above-mentioned games are just three of them. Feel free to try all of them and choose your favorites among all those available online at the moment. Do not forget that the volatility of a slot does not define whether it is a worthy game. However, if you play with a paltry sum of money, you may choose to keep your balance by playing one of the vast selections of low volatility games.

Players with a decent budget may choose to take their chances with high volatile slots to hit an enormous cash reward. Make sure you have extra time when you decide to play these types of games. Remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint, and will reward the patient players with huge money winning lines.

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