How Are Pokies Regulated - Facts About Casino Pokies

Spinning the reels of pokie machines is one of the most thrilling experiences, especially when playing for real money. Pokies are so fun because players never know whether they'll lose or hit the jackpot on a single spin! But have you ever wondered whether each pokie machine is random and fair, or how are pokies regulated?

Players should know that each pokie they select can give them a random outcome, and the pokie machine regulation is something that all Gambling Authority and Gaming Commissions take exceptionally seriously. Continue reading and find out more about how are pokies regulated to make sure that all gamblers get an equally fair chance of winning.

Pokies Certification


Before any pokie machine goes live on a website or online casino, it will have to go through a casino game verification company. The company employees are going to check the software to make sure that the pokie machine works as it should. Players can find the name and the logo of the company responsible for regulation and certification on each of the pokies on a casino's website, as well as the name of the company responsible for regulating any other casino games.

Online casino operators have to prove to their players and the respective gambling authority that their pokies and other casino games are correct, fair, and random. The Gaming Commission and Gaming Authority that certificate casino sites usually have their skilled team of software engineers too to make sure that all pokies are fair. So, when it comes to playing pokie machines, players can relax knowing the pokies they play are fair and random. Additionally, they can check to see which company name has certified the pokies they choose to play and find out how are pokies regulated.

Random Number Generator Verification

Apart from the slot machine software, there's a mechanism that decides whether the player will have a losing playing session or a winning one. The mechanism is named 'the random number generator', or short RNG. Customers can find the RNG published on each online casino site for every single pokie machine. So, how does a random number generator work? RNG randomly selects a number between 0 and 100 once the gambler presses the start button. It is as simple as it sounds: if the generated number is above 55, the player wins. If the number is under 55, the house wins.

Players need to know that it is the precise moment that they click into the RNG that will decide whether they have had a losing outcome or a winning one. These random numbers, generated along with the pokie machines design over the long term, will give the pokie machines their expected long-term pay-out percentage. The RTP, or Return to Player percentage, is not the same for every pokie, and some have a higher RTP than others.

Pokies Pay-Out Percentages

The typical pay-out for an online casino-based pokie machine is somewhere between the 94% to 96% range. However, the RTP varies depending on the pokie game, and not all pokies have the same RTP. Progressive jackpot pokies typically have lower RTP than classic pokies.

Players should avoid playing pokie machines that come with a low minimum long-term expected payout percentage, or low RTP because your bankroll will decrease quickly. Punters can find the random number generator of pokie machines on their display, so we advise them to always check how high the payout percentages are before they start playing.

Minimum Legal RTP's


Specific locations have different minimum legal RTP's, so the area where the player decides to play slot machines will determine whether there are any legal minimum RTPs for the slot machine they gambled on.

Some gambling operators in the past had set some pokie machines with extremely low pay-out percentages of 72% or even less. Thankfully, all verified gambling operators now have to display the RTP of every game, so no one will choose to play those low-paying pokies. There are currently hundreds of online casinos operating in Australia, so players can easily find a number of pokies - both on their mobile and desktop devices. Additionally, all the RTPs are clearly displayed, so the player can always choose to play games that have higher pays! However, we always advise players to find out how are online pokies regulated and do complex research before they decide which pokies they are going to choose for gambling.


Some online casinos claim they follow Vegas rules and regulations for the games they offer, while others take it even a step further by showing the average payout percentages for their no deposit pokies on their website.

Thankfully, the online gambling world has advanced, so players shouldn't worry about how the pokies are regulated, as the Gambling Authority and Gaming Commissions constantly make sure that they're fair and reliable.

What players need to do is keep calm, play for fun, and keep spinning the reels to make big winnings!

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